Wiki-like features?

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Wiki-like features?

Hi, in an issue was mentioned which I've seen mentioned on V before. Namely some kind of wiki features ...

There's a number of conflicting ideas jumbled in my mind and it might help to have a bit of discussion to sort some of them out. I want to say up front that "wiki" can be implemented on V because drupal is very flexible and wiki-equivalent features can be turned on or implemented fairly easily. Secondly, I'd like to see as much activity remain on V as possible so that the site gives the maximum value to the community.

One issue which we've discussed in the moderator team is monitoring of wiki pages. A page that anybody can edit any time can turn into a spam pit if there's nobody monitoring the page to undo unwanted content. The wikipedia works because there's lots of people monitoring the site and deleting junk or spam.

Another issue is navigability. The way we've configured navigation on this site is to make the forum up front and central. The forum dominates the navigation and I've looked at improving navigation into the non-forum content and just not been able to make much headway. We have a lot of good non-forum content but its value isn't as high as it could be because of this navigation problem. Adding a wiki area would have the same navigation problem. Drupal however is very flexible and the navigation could be rearranged to make this easier, but then the forum would not be central to the site.

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