Proposition for a Vectrix Rescue Fund

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Re: Proposition for a Vectrix Rescue Fund


But how many VX owners read this forum? 5% of owners reading (150 ish) would seem a reasonable "wild ass guess" (how's that for an oxymoron?). 32 out of 150 is over 20%.[/quote]

Even 20% is disappointing. It would be interesting to know how many Vectrix owners read this forum. Not one dealer, (not even the famous VUK) responded! Oh, sorry VA did,and most generously. Maybe to make up for the treatment of Mik!!


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Re: Proposition for a Vectrix Rescue Fund

I just read this in my mail.


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Re: Proposition for a Vectrix Rescue Fund

My first post in this forum - I only just read the start of this thread today, otherwise I would have responded sooner.

I would be interested in joining in with this venture. I could offer AU$1,000 - if I manage to get some time, I could even help out with software skills :) I am a keen advocate of Open Source (I run FreeBSD at home and help to administer a network of Red Hat machines at work).

I was very happy to hear that Mr Mann of VA was supportive of this, as I've been exchanging a few emails with him recently about replacing some cells in the battery. My Vectrix is about 1 and a half years old and has done 13,000kms :) Having just read a number of threads around here, I see that that is about as expected. Anyway, I'm hoping to get it back on the road before too long - although I don't get much spare time at home or at work, so it won't be immediate.


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Re: Proposition for a Vectrix Rescue Fund

Sometimes people ask about how to get the Scooter Diagnostic software - and I don't want to be rude and just totally ignore them. But I don't want to waste my time, either!

So here is part of a conversation about this (I might just refer any future requests here to save me time!)

Hi Xxxxx,

when you look through what I have written on VisforVoltage, you will notice that it was all done legally, without resorting to the copyrighted Vectrix software.

My Vectux still runs the old software that it came with (and I prefer it that way, too)!

If some people have access to the copyrighted software, then they need to figure out for themselves if and how they want to share it.

But I am not going to get involved with it and I do not recommend it. It is illegal and might lead to litigation against individuals and / or VisforVoltage!

I strongly dislike it when VisforVoltage gets exposed to such legal risk by people publicly trying to commit copyright breaches.

In my opinion, all potentially illegal content needs to stay off VisforVoltage, and particularly out of the Collaborative Vectrix Handbook. Otherwise I am not prepared to continue to contribute to it.

I did my bit by trying to invoke a rescue fund: but that did not fly!


This information may be used entirely at your own risk.

There is always a way if there is no other way!

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Re: Proposition for a Vectrix Rescue Fund

It's very kind of you to be so honest with a company that has been so rude with you. I think you rudeness is more deserved by Vectrix than by people who try to be a little bit less "blind" about the behaviour of the Vectrix dealers ... I'm honest with people who deserve it, and I'm not sure that has been always the case with Vectrix. Sorry to waste your time, but I think it has been more wasted by Vectrix than by people like me, trying not to be totally "prisoner" to a company more or less trustable.

April 2010 Vectrix VX-1, 2004 Prius (feeded with E85), Giant Suede (electric bicycle)


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