Got my Vectrix today!

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Re: Got my Vectrix today!

I believe that I was mistaken about the mileage on a full discharge. I must have not reset the trip odometer or read the wrong trip meter or maybe there was a quick opportune charge in there somewhere. I had 43 miles and 40.7 miles (with 100lb passenger) on my last two full discharges. Yes, that is plenty of miles for me right now, but I still dream of the day that a set of ultimate batteries will unleash our machines to travel wherever we desire. I hope someone comes out with new lighter batteries with a longer range before this set of batteries calls it quits. By the way here on Whidbey Island (PACNORWEST) it is usually in the 40's to 50's all winter long with some 30's sprinkled in there so I should be able to ride this winter as well. I am going to need to put some fuel stabilizer in my car's fuel tank, because it has just sat there in the driveway since my Vectrix purchase.



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