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Baja BE500

Hi I'm new to the forum and Scooters. I'm buying one shortly and am looking a BE500 by Baja. How have these bikes stood up and what do people think of them?
Do they perform as advertised and how have you found the sevice to be? Thanks from a newbie!

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Re: Baja BE500

Hi Oldgun,
Not sure if you have come across this thread, but here is one Baja Motorsports BE-500 owner's experiences, from beginning to well, point of well, I'm not sure its the end, but it appeared to be the last straw...... Sorry I couldnt respond sooner, as I was out of town.

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Re: Baja BE500

Hi friends, I am first time here and really found ti good by all means, Infact the topic is good to read and and sending this page to my other firends because they are always asking me for the good resources to read out

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