Top speeds: 48v VS 72v

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Top speeds: 48v VS 72v

Given the extra batteries needed, extra weight, and increase wind resistance, how much increase in top speed can be gained using a 72v. Crystalyte 5303 versus 48v. ? If everything else is the same: my weight, bike frame, tires, etc. )

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Re: Top speeds: 48v VS 72v

in a permanent magnet system (with no current limit) speed is linear to voltage.

so going from 48v to 72v increases speed by 50%.


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Re: Top speeds: 48v VS 72v

Yes. I will second the notion that it should increase
the speed by 50% but is usually not the case. It all depends on
constant amps/watts coming out as well. Of course you must measure under
controlled conditions.

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