How to replace batteries in emax scooter with dewalt 36v packs?

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How to replace batteries in emax scooter with dewalt 36v packs?

From what I've been reading (and cut me some slack...complete neophite)it sounds like these Dewalt 36v packs could be a good replacement for my SLA bats? In the poll here it looks like 20% of the folks here are already using these? How many would I need and how would I set them up in my bike? Thanks

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Re: How to replace batteries in emax scooter with dewalt 36v pac

I doubt 20% of people here are using Dewalts. For the capacity you will need it will be quite expensive. Most of those using Dewalts are using them on ebikes.

The SLA capacity for the emax sport is 40ah 48v or 1920 whrs. You might need somewhere around 60-70% of this to get the same range with Dewalts but this is just a guess. That would mean at lowest ebay rate you'd need to spend:

Ebay cost: $100/10-cell Dewalt pack 33v nominal * 2.3 ah = 75.9 whrs: $1.32/whr

1920 * .65 = 1248 whrs * 1.32 = $1647 and you'd need a load of drill chargers.

Also, the Dewalt nominal voltage is 33v so you won't get the same performance unless you add a few cells from a developer pack, which brings up a lot of problems such as how to integrate the cells into the BMS, or make a BMS for them, and charging.

A better option might be the LiFePO4 from here: but I don't know where you can get a charger for them, or what kind of BMS system they require.

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