Scooter prices

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Scooter prices

A local car dealer here recently started selling some gas scooters. They are selling the Vespas. A friend of mine test drove a 250cc model and likes it, but was told that after taxes, tags, etc. it would cost about $6000 :jawdrop: How will these dealers and manufactures sell these to the general public if they want to market them as an alternative for our cars and SUV's ?? I can buy a used Honda for $6000 or less. As gas prices increase I predict that most of these $750 49cc gas scooters will double or even triple in price as there will be more of a demand, The $6000 Vespa will probably go for $7500+ all because of the demand. With them raising prices it will NOT be an alternative. I would rather purchase a used Honda that will get me 35-40mpg. I just hate it when companies take advantage of the consumers. Enough of my rant. God Bless :)

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Re: Scooter prices

That sounds like a crappy deal to me. I think you need to shop around. Do a google search for 250cc scooter, also check the 150cc models.

Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Honda might still make 250cc bikes for beginners around the $3-4k range.

The used market on ebay is pretty good especially since you can find most of the parts there too.

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Re: Scooter prices

I saw an article this morning (??) that solar panel prices would get higher before they settle down to a reasonable price. And that the effect is similar to what you describe in scooters. There's a high demand for solar panels, the demand is causing higher prices (the supply/demand equation at work) .. in the short term it means higher price, but I suspect the article said that the higher price will incentivise more production (the supply/demand equation at work) and eventually production will be high enough to meet the demand and the price will fall (the supply/demand equation at work).

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