XM2000 by JDH: Scooting around Ann Arbor

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Well I had planned to have done some of the mods by now - alas "real life" (tm) got in the way. So, instead here are some photos of me scooting around Ann Arbor (OK, I'm not sure anyone else wants to see these - but it's my blog, right ;) )

Based on a post from GMan from an email he received:

It doesn't surprise me that there are a number of subscribers to your site from Ann Arbor. This town is a hot bed of technology research and environmental sensitivity. There are electric vehicles on display in front of City Hall which is across the street from where we live.

I decided to go in search of this EV display that I wasn't even aware of. Alas, all I found was the city's GEM sitting and charging up. Perhaps I missed a bigger display that had been there before?

My XM-2000 with Ann Arbor's GEM - is their only EV?

After that I decided to get a couple of other shots with landmark Ann Arbor locations. Unfortunately I could only think of a couple - the Michigan and the State movie theaters...
The Michigan and the State are two great cinemas. The Michigan tends to have the more interesting selection of movies, and they still have an organ at the front of the theater which they can raise or lower. Unfortunately, the State is suffering from something we see surprisingly little of in Ann Arbor, grafitti... :(

On the way home I passed a wedding party - they had the most outrageous stretched Hummer - I thought it made a great juxtaposition to my humble little electric scoot...
Even green Ann Arbor isn't immune from outrageous gas guzzlers. While taking this photo a UofM cop pulled up behind me. I think he thought I was a part of the party because he seemed non-plussed when I apologized for my illegal parking so that I could get a photo...

BTW - I aim to add some of these shots to my website that I'm creating in preparation of selling XM-2000's in Ann Arbor. http://www.revevllc.com

All the best,
John H.

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` :?
Your X Treme XM- 2000 that's marked E-Runner 220, what brand of batteries does it have Greensaver or Electier and there size?

Peace Out,

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They're Electier 38 Ah.


So far so good. If they do die early on me then it's probably due to the fact that I shorted one out...


oops! :O

John H.
Blue XM-2000
Ann Arbor, MI

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