My 2007 VX-1 just died

My VX-1 decided to become lifeless. I have been away for an extended time and when coming back home I plug-in my VX1 and nothing happens. No life at all. Display does not lit up. The scooter had been charged up at least twice while I was gone (5 months). Can anyone give me clue as to where to start looking for problems? Could the charger be dead?

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Just check through the (massive) Vectrix-part of this forum, and you will find HEAPS of leads on what to do. I suspect the battery needs a "jump-start" in order to get to a voltage that the charger acknowledges as a chargeable battery being present...

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Sort of a lot of work. The battery pack is under floor of the scooter. If you can get to it and add some insulated red / black 14 AWG wire like the white marine wire and run it some where like glove box or under seat. Add an Anderson power pole set of your flavor. You can measure and or charge it via a charger of your choice like a constant current charger to get it up to 100 volts, or so. I have found on my scooter that I can go maybe 3 weeks before pack is too low to go and red lights show. Even though it is five bars down. It will quickly go to Zero bars and die. Mine did a few years back and I charged it via 120 volts with lots of extension cords and still nothing for me. Then I charged it with 240 volts and nothing again but eventually it kicked in. I lucked out I think. On my other VX-1, I installed PACER MARINE E157097 Boat Cable 16 AWG BC-5W2 Oil resistant I cable connected to an SB-50 gray connector in order to measure exact pack voltage and to charge via other means especialy if mains doesn't kick in.
There is a set of Blue Anderson power pole connectors there connecting the two packs together. One is marked Positive and on the same side the other is Negative making the two packs one. So polarity is backwards. I think they are SB-120 Blue so use a different colour and use the main power source going to controller voltage.
The on board computer or electronics will deplete 125 volt pack charge in a few weeks. There should be a way to store the scooter over a winter season but there isn't. Charger will automactly turn off completely in 3 hours or so after the second go - round of the 3 amp equal charge for a 10 or 15 minute and if you need to go away for a few months then you have to get a TORK monthly timer clock.
Your charger is NOT dead. It could be, but if it was not charged in three weeks or so, then it is that the pack voltage is too low for computer controlled scooter to allow a proper charge to pack. I made it 5 weeks once and pack would not allow a charge. So after an hour I unplugged VX-1 and replugged it in and it went up to 110 MPH from the original 20 MPH? That was the only strange charging number I have seen. There must of been enough of a charge barely to run computer good enough to allow some charge that day. So five weeks was max time for battery pack. Three weeks for a , 20 or 30 second ride before pack bars drop like a rock from 5 bars down to NO bars.
It will only take a few to maybe 5 amps to start charging of NiMH pack to get it up to an amount to accept charge for an hour or so.

If pack doesn't get up to 125 or 130 volts then you will have to take apart two battery packs and that is even harder to get into to balance and or charge dead "modules" or individual cells or either packs.


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I bought my 2007 about one month ago and love riding it but the other day, after it had been chrging overnight, I went perhaps 30 yeards before the gauges went from full to empty suddenly and the scooter would only travel 5 mph or so. When I plugged it in it shows charging at a very low level (the speedo shows about 12mph or so). Any ideas on what I should do first ? It had been working flwalessly until this.

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how many sets batteries you have changed ?pls check the Battery connection ,maybe Short circuit .

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