Best non Vectrix UK scooter ?

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Best non Vectrix UK scooter ?


I've been trying to find a source of travel that might get me around, as I cant handle the vibrations of regular petrol scooters on my joints ( bad joint problems ) I was considering buying a electric bike or scooter to get around .

So I've been looking around ( Im actually up in the highlands of scotland )and noticed there seems to be a lot unreliable or dodgy sellers out there which brings me to my question , of which make / model of scooter would be considered best value for money here in the uk ?

I cant afford spending beyond 2000 right now and was really hoping to find a bike that was reliable under that price.

From looking around I notice Sakura ( ) do a moped which I thought from the little reviews Ive been able to find sounds pretty good.

Then I found out about this other here Ecomoped which sounds more like a Chinese import

Ideally I was hoping I could get something bit faster than 30 mph range that could cover more than the usual 30 miles , but I dont see an electrics that fall into that range without really going up in price.

I thought at one point it mght be possible to get an electric bike that had an off road switch to enable it to go faster than 15 mph but that doesnt seem to be something available here in the uk either.

Well that just about sums it up .

It might just as well be waiting but I was really looking to try to get out again after being housebound almost year with physical problems.



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Last seen: 13 years 8 months ago
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Re: Best non Vectrix UK scooter ?

Just in case any one else from the uk was wondering about the Eco - moped , its Chinese

the batteries are 4 12v silicon memory batteries. They are powerful and accelerate the bike to 35 MPH and give it a range of up to 30 miles depending on terrain and speed.

These batteries are built into the frame of the bike and cannot be removed for charging purposes. The bike can be charged outside with an extension cable fed from a standard plug socket in a
domestic residence.

We do have a new 3 KW vehicle available. It costs £2700 and delivery is up to 90 days. It is also available with lithium ion batteries for increased range at a price of £3400.

These bikes are manufactured for us to order in China and come with back up and support through They are supplied with registration plates and v5 documentation.

We accept payment via a credit or debit card and delivery currently is 5 working days.


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