New (Happy) owner of an XB-600

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Re: New (Happy) owner of an XB-600

hyperob & others...

I've been looking at buying the XB-700 Li as well and I feel obligated to share this with you.I am leaning more
to the 600v XB-610 though because that mod with 4 12v 20a batt's sounds better and should actually get at least 35 miles per charge besides these nut cases greedy people I guess marking the XB-700 Li up to $1,800 - $2,200 should be ashamed of themselves ...I found it for $1,400.00 free shipping to nearest freight terminal or 70$ extra to your door. Here's the url for it ...

I'm thinkin of going with the XB-610 and adding the 60v mod for spunk... Besides every police officer in the world is gonna look at that XB-700 Li and think moped motorcycle etc ... I did send a letter to Jeff Hardy (police) and ask for pre approval letter for riding XB-700 Li on the street ... the hassle would ruin that Li bike Im affraid ...

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Re: New (Happy) owner of an XB-600

I would check to see if escooterscooter is shipping the 700Li from their own stock, or if they're dropshipping from X-Treme's warehouse, and if it's new or used.

Dealers pay $1550 to X-Treme and are ordered to sell it for no less than $1799, with a suggested price of $1999.

If escooterscooter dropships it, and sells it for less than MAP ($1799), they are in violation of their dealer contract.

I would suggest you check and double check exactly how much you're going to pay for it before possibly getting into trouble.

And, as always, I wouldn't EVER recommend buying ANYTHING from X-Treme or their dealers.

Good luck.


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