The NiMH battery - Problems and Cures?

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Re: The NiMH battery - Problems and Cures?

I'm hoping someone can help me with a problem I am having with my Vectrix VX-1. While I was laid up following surgery, I inadvertently let the batteries on my VX-1 discharge completely. Now the scooter is completely dead. When I plug it into an outlet, nothing happens - no lights, no fans, nothing. Is there a way for me to get these batteries to recharge again, or are they ruined after having been discharged now for a few months? Thanks in advance for any help. Steve

That is very unfortunate! However, you have posted this directly in one of the threads that desrcibes what needs to be done to cure your problem. So just reading a little more in here should give you a pretty good idea how to go about this ;-)

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Re: The NiMH battery - Problems and Cures?

Yes, as meroller points out, the detailed answer is hanging around here.
In summary, Nimh cells can be recovered, charge them slowly, when the battery reaches +90v, the internal computer turns on and the charger resurrects. I use RC Imax b8 charger to do resurrect them, at 0,1 A. This devide is pretty useful, it can charge 27 cells in series, so I charged the battery in 4 parts (27+27+24+24)


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