XM-4000Li; How to register in CA?

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XM-4000Li; How to register in CA?

So, I got my Xm-4000Li on 8/24. I sent email to the Customer Support people for the MSO?? dealers certificate or title required to register. That took 2 weeks, but looks very official and came with an official bill of sale. So, I spent all day yesterday at the DMV and did not succeed. I got screwed by the secret rules. First they need to see it and second it has to be on the ground. Since I can't drive it on the street and my car does not have a trailer hitch I rented a U-haul truck.

So, does anybody know if there are any other secret rules to get an XM-4000 registered in CA?

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Re: XM-4000Li; How to register in CA?

After the take pictures of it "on the ground" (as opposed to when
it is flying at low altitude), then they make you bend over
and give a sample. Then the prick you to get a dna sample.
Then a sample of your parents. If dead, then your kids instead.
No kids or parents? You shouldn't be on the road. Be sure
you ace the test. I'm kidding. I would try again at a
different DMV. And don't complain, this all helps reduce
# of unsolved crimes. I am serious about that last one.
And I'd be upset you paid u-haul to make your bike legal.
That is just not right. Hopefully someone else will answer your

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Re: XM-4000Li; How to register in CA?

I haven't done it, but the DMV DOES have a permit for transport.



it says...

Vehicle Moving Permit (CVC §4002)
The department may issue a no fee Vehicle Moving Permit (REG 172) valid for one day only for movement of a vehicle in accordance with CVC §§4002 and 11716.
•Registration is not required for a vehicle moved or operated under a permit issued by the department.
•A no-fee permit may be issued only to the owner or an agent acting with the knowledge and consent of the owner.
•The permit must be obtained from DMV before the vehicle is moved.
This permit may be issued:
To move a vehicle from one place to another for the purpose of:
—Inspection by the department.
—Assignment or verification of a vehicle identification number.
—Inspection of pollution control devices.
—Weighing the vehicle.
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Re: XM-4000Li; How to register in CA?

hey, love the responses. So, "... bend over and give a sample." do you mean bend over and grab your ankles?

Hey good point about the "Vehicle Moving Permit", I forgot about that. So, hopefully this will help other people in the future. The one day moving permit was discuss. My scooter and I guess most/all electric "motor-driven cycles" do NOT qualify for this. What they told me was this: Your vehicle does not qualify because to get the permit you must pay all of the fees in advance and since there is a possibility that the scooter will not be allowed to be registered you can not pay in advance. Thanks for the reminder about this, another secret.

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