Crimping Connectors

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Crimping Connectors

I just got new batterys for my emax and I'm redoing the arrangement as is recommended, so I needed to put new wiring in. I went out and got some #6 wire and some ring terminals to match. However, I went to 4 places it seems that no hardware stores sell crimpers that will work on this size. Also people have been telling me I should just use pliers, but this seems like it would not make a good connection. What is a good technique for making high power connections? Is there anything that doesn't involve a super expensive crimper? I can think of various ways to do this but it seems like i should do it the right way>>>whatever that is?

I saw some solid copper connectors where you stick the wire in a hole then tighten a screw to hold it in. Would these be good enough for the job?

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Re: Crimping Connectors

Check out this link:

It's actually capable of #2 wire so might be over sized for what you need. Cost is $27. I've never used one - I just remembered seeing it.

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Re: Crimping Connectors

thanks for the tip! I think I'll be getting one if no one has a better idea.

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Re: Crimping Connectors

Thats exactly what you need. Also one here:
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Anyone got one they want to sell?
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Re: Crimping Connectors

I have a similar one which I bought from

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