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I have had the mother of all ideas ..........ARE YOU IN ??????

all i have had some fab idears about electric scooter material used !!
also this is think outside the box i can feel patentes comming on.??
well i have the idear's we have the electronics experts out there you no who you are !! also we no bike manafactures.
and we know battery companys you know what really we have it all..
LET ME KNOW what you all think rodney this time next year we could be millionaires..!!
well am not botherd about been wealthy.

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VECTRIC we wan't 100+ miles range .com.............

We are getting ever so close to lithium ion been fitted in our, Beloved vectrix scooters..
well its a start and sound good .
and think its on the horizon. well before the end of 2010..
but what do people think about all the litritchure cast.
aroud and official site showing real ?? typical driving/ riding speeds.
to attain to these vastley blown out of proporhanal range test baaaaa.
wel, its really a moving target i know but to me seems total range of the great vectrix is/ has been really well under played and to me

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flashing red sensor and battery light warning ......quick fix..????

hi all just went out on my vectrix today after been off work on winter holidays well not been / had to use the v so making shore its charge up once a week as its kept
outside and just lately its been - zero very very cold
as you probably know i managed to fix my wheel-bearing problem with two good replacement fag bearing these are one of the best on the market .
well. just come to the scooter today as i didn't really want to run about as there is frost every where and some black ice well its england..

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Wheel Wobble/front vibration Found.............

all. been having slight consern's as been having slight noise from front of scooter .
But really put it down to scooter normal or loose plastic .
As from previus blogs .and handle bar wobble was normal ??.
having slight noise from front of scooter .
Sounded like plastic mud guard was little loose so check all around mud guard and thought some thing was caught .
nothing seems loose so. after another few months hering this sound on and off
Again. do the same again so thought the front wheel calliper was loose .

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software adjustment .... with battery heat sensors.?????????????????

hi all just been wondering. about the temperature display .
on the vectrix and wondering if we could devise something that would keep the temperature display showing all the time ??
as don't really know why it is not as the more info the better in my books.
as the cost of the replacment batteries are so so expencive that i don't know why it hasn't been thought of before..??????????????????????
and we could keep a constant eye on whats going on . as i don't really like to stop regularly to check this .

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End of charge cycle ?????????????

hi all be wondering if we are to be trully eco guys the me must look out side the box...
we been wondering about my beloved vectrix at the end of the charge cycle i/e when scooter is fully charged.
i find that i have to open the front door i let pressures heat out and for unpluging it in wasted energy when i go out ..
as to comming in as well .. well i have had few plug in timers but these dont last as little on the cheap side and really fiddley too..

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regen braking kicking in when not wanted now resolved.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi all i read some blogs some wile ago to do with sticking regen breaks or throttle sticking open a little .
well 1st probblem is the rubber grips they are a little on the rubbery side but for me not too much of a probblem
if i know about it in the first place well what tends to happen is while gripping the throttle the mushroom side inner you tend to squeeze
this and and there for it been very rubbery it tends to move inwards 2 to 8 millimeters is

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the warm weather in england is defanate bonus on range.....

i have been noticing with the scooter. is however i charge it the temp doesn't moove from 19c to to 28c..........
at the moment with extended cooling but . the average temp in england at the moment has been between
19c and 25c .ish
and whats been notisable i have done today 29miles load of really steep long hills versus traffic conditions all mixed bag but
if i do any regen i have been very gentle as juast slight movments as not to spoile the kenetik movment of the forward thrust i/e slight deeacseliration.

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Vectrix - My personal experience - updated


I have become, on Friday the 17th, april 2009, a Vectrix owner, and I'll post my findings about it here.

For me this purchase was a bit of a gamble, because Vectrix the company, at this time, has some financial issues, and we cannot be certain that it will survive the crisis, thus leaving us, owners without warranty.

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after scooters charged up.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi all been trying to keep an eye on my batteries i/e
well after charge up with 30mins / or 1 hour delay set . come to scooter the nex day and with the red kill switch in the off position .
pull in the left break handel and noticed that the number 211 is shown in the middel under the clock i presume that its 211 volts thats topped out
and have noticed on two ocations that the temp has been 60c ?? a few weeks ago but when moving the kill switch it seems to go to aprox 9c to 15c...........



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