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VECTRIC we wan't 100+ miles range .com.............

We are getting ever so close to lithium ion been fitted in our, Beloved vectrix scooters..
well its a start and sound good .
and think its on the horizon. well before the end of 2010..
but what do people think about all the litritchure cast.
aroud and official site showing real ?? typical driving/ riding speeds.
to attain to these vastley blown out of proporhanal range test baaaaa.
wel, its really a moving target i know but to me seems total range of the great vectrix is/ has been really well under played and to me
think that reall the tests should of been realy reality and .transparent as to most of the people that have bought these great scooters .
have a real passion/love for these vehicals and really know alot to begin with . in way of been efficent / or really doing there best to help
the course of just been carfull well like me with mony/ passion /love for ev and are very intreged with the whole tecnologhy of it all
i think i could be i little on the geek side well im not botherd but i have had a love for batterys most/all of my life
really think that we take it for granted the battery.
.but why o why have these scooters been given the range on paper and as most of us know that is unachevable?
well for me 65miles range on paper at 25 mph is dangerous and at best unachevable ...
i think from 18 miles range hard riding with regen...
to 44 miles thats riding with a glass slipper and with a nune at the helm or if you like
her incharge.. and really the pack would of gone way beoned whats it intended for i/e well flat batterys..
SO i say lets why not strip out these babys back to basick and get some latest technology in them
as we wan't 100 + miles RANGE..
well there are some good thing out there that i have seen latley and some companys need pating on the back for doing this
as a company on ebay are selling 4000 watts scooter 64volts 60 ah lithium cells. with latest lcd bms kit fitted
with top speed think it is slectable .60 mph.... 85 miles range per charge..
hey these more??????? 60 miles range with light on and with full throttle ...
and really with normal riding can achive 105 RANGE with regen yes you heard me 105 THATS RIGHT RANGE .......
so the company are saying the avrage costamers are getting 85 miles range now to me .
thats transparent but would like to try for myself these claimes but i am shure these are correct..
elecscoot Ltd
based in consett, co durham, united kingdom
thanks kev

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flashing red sensor and battery light warning ......quick fix..????

hi all just went out on my vectrix today after been off work on winter holidays well not been / had to use the v so making shore its charge up once a week as its kept
outside and just lately its been - zero very very cold
as you probably know i managed to fix my wheel-bearing problem with two good replacement fag bearing these are one of the best on the market .
well. just come to the scooter today as i didn't really want to run about as there is frost every where and some black ice well its england..
i had run around anyhow , when turning on vectrix noticed that the two red light started to flash that the sensor red and the battery light red
well i was worried and thought do as i would normally do in daylight knock off the main-dip light that holding the flash switch in for apron 10/15 seconds two beeps later and just the led light is on good no extra voltage wastage hear..
well the flashing lights didn't really worry me after a little thought cos i took it easy for the first few 100 yards and eased the rear regen on few times so on and so forth really been wasteful with the regen/ also accelerating on and off was doing this to generate some heat the system as the temp gauge said
60c well if you believe that ha ha eh on mars.............
what it meant was very very cold good guess eh .
well this was done carefully heating up the systems and out wen't the red light hey presto ......
if you try this its on your mind to do so as i am no expert as thought not all of us out there have a three car garage am not among it at the yanks....................he he
am a british northern boy with an excellent frozen toy with just a thin cover it from the elements
soon i will spoil her to a garage next year hopefully .
hope this has helped some .kev

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Wheel Wobble/front vibration Found.............

all. been having slight consern's as been having slight noise from front of scooter .
But really put it down to scooter normal or loose plastic .
As from previus blogs .and handle bar wobble was normal ??.
having slight noise from front of scooter .
Sounded like plastic mud guard was little loose so check all around mud guard and thought some thing was caught .
nothing seems loose so. after another few months hering this sound on and off
Again. do the same again so thought the front wheel calliper was loose .
no all seems to be ok few months later things are getting worse now getting wheel wobble this morning as i was taking my son on the back to work .
i said to him that this has got to be the wheelbearing and sure enough looking at the front wheel ( the oposite side to the wheel caliper ) the wheelbearing housing
shroud. had come away from inside
wheel and thought that the wheel was burnt black around where the bearing housing is but no its all the black gunk thrown out of the hole grease and was cool to tuch so i have had to limp home help please..............
Has any one had similar problems very / suprised as my vectrix has only done 4750 MILES and
age is aprox 17 months old hope its coverd under warranty..
as i know that the weight of these scooter is alot but suprised the wheel bearing only lasted this long .
kev .
ps i know i was going to loose some weight next year 2010
but didn't expect to down my trainers and walk to work so soon 3 hours each way + 10 hours working days me thinks am gonna be knackerd all time .
or out come the old push bike comments appreciated
thanks kev

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software adjustment .... with battery heat sensors.?????????????????

hi all just been wondering. about the temperature display .
on the vectrix and wondering if we could devise something that would keep the temperature display showing all the time ??
as don't really know why it is not as the more info the better in my books.
as the cost of the replacment batteries are so so expencive that i don't know why it hasn't been thought of before..??????????????????????
and we could keep a constant eye on whats going on . as i don't really like to stop regularly to check this .
i have been ( told ) that there is a dangerous way to check while on the move..only takes a few seconds to do
but involvs freewheeling for a while..
anyhow don't want to buy a after market temperature gauge .
any idears and thought guy's thanks kev.

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End of charge cycle ?????????????

hi all be wondering if we are to be trully eco guys the me must look out side the box...
we been wondering about my beloved vectrix at the end of the charge cycle i/e when scooter is fully charged.
i find that i have to open the front door i let pressures heat out and for unpluging it in wasted energy when i go out ..
as to comming in as well .. well i have had few plug in timers but these dont last as little on the cheap side and really fiddley too..
and its like having a cat go out at night and come back in you do when you have a cat wait up to put the cat out ..
well i would like an end to all that .!!! i have just puchased a easy to fit metor reader like an electric monitor ....ITS A MUST FOR US ALL...
you can see what electric is been used and how long how much etc etc .
well any how i would like to know if my vectrix uses / wastes electric after been charged/ still trickels electric to the scooter well
carn't i buy somthing thats like a plug that knowes that when the scooter reaches lets say 50 watts only usage the plug knowes .and autmatically
knocks off .as i have bought the latest lg washeing machine its brill it steems and it has a super quick wash and is hub mounted and super quiet and uses a fraction of the water .
its AAA++AND wait for it after its done its thing yeh it washers it shuts down i/e doesn't use use a drop of electric
well we need that in the vectrix please HELP .kev

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regen braking kicking in when not wanted now resolved.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi all i read some blogs some wile ago to do with sticking regen breaks or throttle sticking open a little .
well 1st probblem is the rubber grips they are a little on the rubbery side but for me not too much of a probblem
if i know about it in the first place well what tends to happen is while gripping the throttle the mushroom side inner you tend to squeeze
this and and there for it been very rubbery it tends to move inwards 2 to 8 millimeters is
enough to make it rub aganst the .fixed pice of plastic that the red kill switch is on there for making the scooter not free wheel
when throttle released or potentially may be even make the throttle stick on a little..??
and most recentally found probblem but easily resolved in seconds..

you tend to .
and i have had this probblem but it can be two things ........

1... probblem with throttle sticking or not throttle not smooth to return to neutral position ...????????
quick fix make shure throttle has a nice gap between throttle grip plastic housing that the red switch is on ....

2... when going on any journey or just or trip to the shops .
make shure you don't rush the start up procedure as found that can confuse the scooter sync start up procedure .
and what can happen is the normal neutral position is shifted a fraction .
but with this probblem what tends to happen is when relesing the throttle the regen kicks in slightley
and therefore no free wheeling at all ........

3.. so to resolve this simple make shure side stand is up. . a . flick red switch if not already done so on towards yourself
.. b . squeeze left break lever for aprox 1 to two seconds ( ready ) sign will show constantly.
then on the third second while the left lever is still squeezed . c . squeeze the right break lever for 1 second and the big ( GO ) sign will show
an there you have it . all in it takes aprox 4/5 seconds done correct..
hope this helps ..kev

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the warm weather in england is defanate bonus on range.....

i have been noticing with the scooter. is however i charge it the temp doesn't moove from 19c to to 28c..........
at the moment with extended cooling but . the average temp in england at the moment has been between
19c and 25c .ish
and whats been notisable i have done today 29miles load of really steep long hills versus traffic conditions all mixed bag but
if i do any regen i have been very gentle as juast slight movments as not to spoile the kenetik movment of the forward thrust i/e slight deeacseliration.
but there is a knack to it .anyhow i was just about half way through the batteries half full.
so to sum it up my calculations is 19c to 25c ambiant temp = vectrix scooter range extended by aprox 7 to 18 miles.
thanks kev

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Vectrix - My personal experience - updated


I have become, on Friday the 17th, april 2009, a Vectrix owner, and I'll post my findings about it here.

For me this purchase was a bit of a gamble, because Vectrix the company, at this time, has some financial issues, and we cannot be certain that it will survive the crisis, thus leaving us, owners without warranty.

But I knew it directly after I ordered the bike, and I didn't cancel my order.
-I know I won't regret buying it, especially if it keeps working. I bought it mostly for fun, so if something happens, it will be a pity, but it won't get me in serious trouble.
-It's just electronics. They can be repaired and enhanced in the future.
-I believe in the technology (EV's) and I want to support it every way I can.
-The Vectrix is about the only serious E-vehicle available on the market right now.
-I am truly concerned about the environment.

2 days into ownership, 150 km done on 2 1/2 charges, I'm starting to get a little used to the machine.

It is truly a fine motorcycle with more than enough punch, and it's certainly a head turner.

There are certainly some negative points, but I can count these on the fingers of one hand.

The good stuff keeps coming though!

When I went to go get it at my dealer, it, again, surprised me how big it is.
It's majestic and it’s SO much more beautiful than on any picture.. You HAVE to have seen it before you can judge if it’s worth it’s money.
It’s finished at a very high level, not like one you’d expect when you think “electric scooter”
Then again, It’s not perfect either, it has some stupid little details I would have done different.
Like the glove box, it’s probably invented either on a Monday morning or a Friday evening :-)
Also the rubber mats where the driver puts his feet on, should have been attached in another way, at one side it keeps popping out of its plastic base.

I like the overall design, and it’s long, low profile I find really sexy.
I would not put a top case on its sexy ass, it would spoil that . The helmet compartment is twice as big as may Honda’s was, so I’m very pleased with that too.
But it still took me a few weeks to get used to the overall design, in fact, I didn’t like the steering setup, and I still don’t, but I’m easing in to it . It gets better with time.
The gages ,handles, lights, paint, wheels, saddle….everything is eye-candy!

The machine is built for driving, and I would like to judge that part, but I couldn’t be objective.
I have almost no experience with other “high performance” bikes to compare with.
My Honda lead certainly wasn’t so sportive  and I can imagine that everyone who has never ridden something serious would feel the same as I feel.. something like: WOW!
It’s heavy, so you must have a certain length to be able to safely drive it.
Once driving, it feels very stable, I can certainly feel the weight of the batteries, low down, working in its favor.
That weight at those speeds could be dangerous though, so I keep my distance from other vehicles. The regenerative brake works like a charm, but I see how someone could forget about his normal brakes in case of an emergency. It takes a little practice, but I’m getting it, using the front brake together with the regenerative.

The bike is built for city work, and I like the way it corners. I find it very maneuverable, and yet I feel safer than on my old Lead.
It really turns on a dime too, and although the reverse wouldn’t be totally necessary for me, it does come in handy from time to time.

Of course, with 150 km done, it’s early to judge everything, but I’m glad I bought it, and as for now, I don’t regret it :-)

Here some pictures, taken in a hurry, so don't mind the backgrounds please :-)


About the range..

The first charge (It was charged 16/17 when I got it) I used to get home from the dealer (35km - yes I consider myself lucky with that!), and I did it slowly, first because I wasn't sure I would make it home on one charge, secondly because I had to get to know the bike a bit.
But I got home with 1/2 charge left. The rest of the charge I wasn't so easy on the throttle, but I still squeezed 61 km in total out of the first charge.
I drove the bike until the red battery light lit, as prescribed in the manual. (It prescribes to do 5 deep discharges the first 5 times.)
The second and third charges gave me about 55 – 60 km, of course with a lot of brisk accelerations and some patches of high speed, just for the fun of it :)
It is clear to me that that affects the range immediately, so I am quickly learning how to stretch the range if needed.
I believe that if I want I can squeeze 75 km out of a charge, and I’m going to try that once for sure.
The “estimated range” indicator works very well in my opinion, you can really count on it.
With only 60 km of “real world” range, I better start planning my trips from now, but I’m willing to pay that price for our environment.

The manual says that (after these 5 initial charges) you can charge any time (also when the battery is not near empty), and also interrupt the charge process any time you like.
That doesn’t feel natural to me, and I will avoid that as much as I can, unless somebody can explain me why I shouldn’t.
I’d think that half charges would induce the memory effect that you always see in laptops and mobile phones.

Something entirely different:
I’ve done some 180 km so far (I know that’s not a lot yet) and it’s clear that when driving this vehicle, you must pay a lot of attention to other road users.
I almost hit a pedestrian yesterday, because he crossed the street unexpectedly. He quickly looked in my direction, but he didn’t see me coming. I guess there was no sound to back up what he saw.
The stupid thing was that when he finally noticed I was coming in his direction, he freezed instead of continuing!
I will have to remember that I’m invisible without a loud sound coming out of the exhaust pipe I don't have:-)

I've had my Vectrix for about two weeks now, almost 400km (250miles) done, and I'm extremely happy with my purchase at this point.
I'll probably have saved about a 100€ worth of "not having to fill up gas tank of my car" for about 4€ of electricity.
So I'm already earning back my investment:-)

Here some information about charges and range:
the first 6 discharges I discharged as far as I thought was safe, the manual prescribed to do this 5 times.
Here some range results:
Original charge:-----61.5km----0 bars left
Second charge:-----45----------2

That makes 53.8 km average.
The times I got 45km, I wasn't easy on the throttle, when I got 60+, I was carefull, because I had to.

My dealer contacted me earlier to ask how everything was going, very thoughtful of him.
He also mentioned that there were some minor updates available, so I’ll probably cruise towards him later this day.

Until now I’m very proud of riding (relatively) green, but some people I know, who’ve heard about my purchase reacted somewhat bizarre.
Some are just jealous I think, some try to defend their petrol bike…
Some say: “Isn’t that dangerous, driving without noise?” I say: “yes, I have to pay more attention”
But Isn’t it silly that we’re all used to the fact that vehicles are noisy?? It’s going to take a while before people get that.
Most say: “pity of the range..” while they don’t realize they only commute 10 km or so.
But they have a point when they say I can’t go cruising all day long with my Vectrix. And I must admit, if I could I probably would do more kilometers, just for fun :-)
It’s clear to me that most people are not ready yet to pay the price of getting less for more money, just to help our environment.

When I propose people to have a go, more often than I expected, they refuse. Afraid to fall or break something they say.
Even when I say I’ll take the risk, they’ll refuse. I wouldn’t refuse, but I guess everybody’s different :-)
And some, I heard say (mostly after a test drive): “WTF! I didn’t expect THAT” and “If the range gets just a little better, I’ll buy one too! (referring to an EV) ”
I altered their idea of future transportation, and that’s all I wanted to achieve :-)

I let a friend drive my V yesterday, he was one of the people who reacted ‘strangely’ (when I was awaiting delivery, he said” why don’t you buy a regular motorcycle like everyone?”).
He was very impressed after a go around the block, and so enthusiast that ,instead of stopping, he just continued to have another go giving a ‘thumbs up’ and a big smile as he passed by!
It gave me a chance to hear the V at high speed from a distance (otherwise I only hear it when I’m driving it, or when someone goes or returns). I like the sound it produces, it’s not too loud I think, but it sure sounds futuristic!
Afterwards, he said he wouldn’t have dreamed about such torque (he drives a pretty heavy motorcycle himself), and was surprised with the ease of use, the silence, the regenerative brake, and the luxurious seat / position.
The only thing that would stop him from buying one, would be the range. As usual.

more to follow..

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after scooters charged up.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi all been trying to keep an eye on my batteries i/e
well after charge up with 30mins / or 1 hour delay set . come to scooter the nex day and with the red kill switch in the off position .
pull in the left break handel and noticed that the number 211 is shown in the middel under the clock i presume that its 211 volts thats topped out
and have noticed on two ocations that the temp has been 60c ?? a few weeks ago but when moving the kill switch it seems to go to aprox 9c to 15c...........
and the 211 think thats volts goes to aprox 142 volts thats after going to start mode ..
so think that the vectrix remembers the last place it was at and shows where it was and drops acordingley but i dont think this is right .??!!
or am i missunder standing this and i have tryed to extend the time delay to no avail any surgestions as if i want to leave it over night i don't have to wake up to unplug it come on vectrix ..

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why have vectrix changed indicator time.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

had vectrix back from dealer as had few issues needed sorting out. one being software upgrade that was meant to look after the batteries .i didnt now that they was going to change the time delay in the software from the standard 15 seconds .......... to 20 seconds this is totally ludicrous in my mind.
no to mention dangerous .if you was going to try this out you would no how dangerous it is .!!!
what is the point 20 seconds buy witch time a car /truck has pulled out in front of you smash...
i have noticed the other day when cleaning the vectrix. that the chrome cover that covers the motor on the rear wheel has bubbled up and looks like its come away from the plastic cover thats its meant to be stuck too.
doesn't look like it will last long . wonder what has coursed this mybe too much heat..?????
or just poor diping prosedures.????CIMG0077.jpg (41.52 KB)


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