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MB-1-E Part Three: A little bit of progress today ...

Hi fellow blog followers,

Today, Sturdly offered to send me some heatsink extrusion. This will be very helpful in keeping my controller nice and cool. Thanks Sturdly ... it's appreciated!!

I found some hard plastic discs while scrounging through my stuff the other day. I think they are shuffleboard pucks for use on gym floors etc. They are about 10' diameter and 1/2" thick and tough as nails.
More on this in a moment.


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MB-1-E Part Two: Progress ... (maybe)

Hello Again,

I've been thinking about this project a lot, probably too much, but these kinds of projects seem to take on a life of their own and become obsessions. By now, I have a pretty good idea of how to make this all work (thanks again to Eric Peltzer's great documentation), however, the one thing that was still missing in my plan was ... how to mount the motor/ jackshaft assembly so it wouldn't fall off at the first bump I hit.

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MB-1-E Part One: Electric Conversion - 1985 Bridgestone Mountain Bike



1985 Bridgestone MB-1 BEFORE Conversion:

(Note: I will be adding some diagrams and photos as the project progresses and I have time to add them)


Not fully refined but a working proto-type

How It All Began

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