Understanding generic Chinese controllers - an impossible task?

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Understanding generic Chinese controllers - an impossible task?

As a general rule, I hate finding questions on forums that have been answered dozens of times. Even more, I hate ASKING those questions, but I think I've spent enough time searching this site and NOT finding the answer I'm looking for. I've seen several sites with controllers for sale with various numbers of ports available. That's not too tough - starts with power in, power out and throttle ports, and goes up from there. What seems virtually impossible is determining which of the "extra" ports to use and figuring out which port is which (which plug is for what port, what's the pinout, and so on like that.

From other posts I've read, it seems that at least some controllers do not come with instruction sheets. So what's a feller to do! Blowing up controllers while attempting to get an EV running again is not an attractive option. Any thoughts, advice, experience, guidelines or other wisdom is greatly appreciated. Failing personal knowlege, pointers to relevant info sources would be much appreciated...



This is the one I'm currently using, and believing that I'll soon replace it.


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re: Chinese controllers - an impossible task?

straight up dun buy if they can't give you a spec sheet, unless they send you three for the price of one to experiment :p LOL
that's about all I can say there. Input from batteries usually red and black think wire, output to motor same size connector just reverse usually colors vary but same size wireing. yellow white usually keyswitch. a 6 pin connector usually has red black green for throttle (hall effect type) and orange and purple for brake control the 6th wire is usually the power indicator (usually yellow or gray) however some controllers have a two wire seperate one for that. a red black with a lance is usually the brake light and another red black is usually the charge input. :) but anyway hope this helps you a bit

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re: Chinese controllers - an impossible task?

After checking my cheap 24V controllers ordered online and ripped from skateboards, I concur with Terra's findings. :)

Getting us some info on what sort of wires are coming out of your controller (pics would work well) would probably get you some better ideas, too.

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