Vectux ICL initial version - not quite good enough....

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This is a diagram of the ICL which I used for reconnecting the battery in the Vectux after the two motor controller repairs, for the fuse replacement following them, and for the reconnecton of the batteries after the battery rework and M-BMS installation:


The gap between the disconnected ends of the Andersons 125A connector are bridged with one simple cable and with another cable with a 2460Ω resistor and a digital ammeter in series.

The design was inspired by observing the Australian Vectrix Authorized Person (VAP) using an ICL that was connected like this:


This "Aussi ICL" had an Andersons connector on each end....


Both these designs are severely flawed, because the ICL needs to be removed before the Andersons connector can be closed!
That causes some inrush current, because the inrush current increases again immediately after disconnection of the ICL.
Depending on the time taken to connect the Andersons connector it will have the same effect as if no ICL was used in the first place.
It probably only takes seconds for the inrush current to reach almost full intensity again!

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Re: Vectux ICL initial version - not quite good enough....

This measurement setup shows why the ICL needs to remain connected until the main connector has been closed:

The inrush current returns within seconds of the disconnection of the ICL!

In my opinion, that's why there were so many fuse failures in Australia!

Re: Vectux ICL initial version - not quite good enough....

And here is a video showing HOW NOT TO DO IT:

Re: Vectux ICL initial version - not quite good enough....

Here is a link to the post where I described my first attempt at making an ICL:

That was way off the mark! The 8MΩ resistor never let the capacitors on the motor controller charge up, I might as well have reconnected the battery without it.

We live and learn (hopefully...)!

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