VectrixThrottle Signal Parameters

Had some time to goof around with my spare VX-1 harness. Discovered the ICM is NOT a stand alone
item (wish it was)...meaning it has dependencies upon other modules on the CANbus. Powered up alone
it will not blink the lights; but, the throttle still works; well, at least the pwm signal out of it is present. Put
my scope on it and this is what I found. Items in red are the can bus hex values for the measured
edges of the varied pulse. Those whom have the latest version of the CanMon will be able to verify
the hex values of their bike. As you can see from the graphic IDLE is a 50% duty cycle square wave;
so, if by chance you are considering using the throttle in another bike you will need to match it to the
motor controller input requirements. Hope you find this useful.

VX_1_Throttle Signal_Parameters.jpg

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