Vectrix Regen Throttle Setting Instructions (With Pictures)

Re-Setting the Regen Throttle - Vectrix dealer definitely NOT required!
(This is mostly a re-hash of Mik's post of Sunday, 10/05/2008 @ 21:00)

Tools Needed…

(Possibly a pair of grips or similar with 25-30mm (1" to 1.5") jaw capacity - see below)
2mm Allen key or hex driver (Allen key best)
6-8mm (1/4" - 3/8") flat screwdriver

It is worth noting that what we are doing here is setting the point on the throttle at which regen occurs rather than calibrating the throttle in general (according to the service manual). This can be more accurately checked and set using the Vectrix diagnostic program running on a PC (see the Service Manual for this procedure).

To begin...
Unscrew the stainless steel handlebar end cap from the end of the throttle grip.
This should(!) come off by hand, turning ACW as you look at it but if not use a pair of grips (with protection to avoid marking the end cap).
This will reveal the magnet holder which is a white, threaded, plastic plug with a flat screwdriver groove cut in it (A). Somewhere in the adjuster plug is the locking set screw (B - with Allen key inserted).

Using the 2mm Allen key, loosen the set screw (B). It will only need a 1/4 turn or so to loosen it sufficiently. Ideally it should not be completely loose to make adjusting the magnet holder easier ie it doesn't wobble about and move on its own as you rotate it.

Turn Vectrix on.

Switch the 'kill switch' on the right handlebar to 'off'.

Pull the left brake lever - the speedo will show 43kph if the setting is correct.

Additionally, pulling the right brake lever whilst the left brake lever is already pulled will make the speedo show the correct setting position of 43kph irrespective of the actual setting. This allows you to see exactly where the needle should be pointing when correctly set.

Insert the flat-bladed screwdriver into the magnet holder groove...
... and rotate the magnet holder by turning it CW or ACW in small increments until speedo shows 43kph when left brake alone is being pulled.

Check you have it correctly set by pulling the RH brake lever in addition to the LH. The needle should not move. If it does, adjust the magnet holder in the appropriate direction until you can apply the RH brake lever without the the needle moving.

Tighten the set screw with the Allen key. Do not over tighten it! It needs only about the same twisting force as the throttle does to accelerate.

Replace the handlebar end cap.

I don't know what the maximum and minimum limits of throttle as indicated on the speedo should be. Does anyone else?

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